Adam Giese Web Developer

I am a front-end developer with experience building websites and applications of all sizes.

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{ "info": { "name": "Adam Giese", "summary": "A front-end developer with experience building site and applications of all sizes with various web technologies." }, "skills": [ "Writing scalable, well structured CSS/Sass for large websites and web applications.", "Writing JavaScript applications using libraries such as React, Vue, and Angular.", "Writing landing pages that are blazing fast to reduce bounces and increase conversions.", "Writing clean WordPress themes and plugins.", "Quality Assurance across multiple devices and browsers.", "Integrating with external APIs.", "Creating intuitive User Interface for both administrators and users.", "Using git for version control." ], "technologies": [ "HTML5", "Sass/CSS3", "JavaScript", "React, Angular, and VueJS", "SVG", "WordPress", "jQuery", "Jekyll", "PHP", "NodeJS" ] }